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How To Change Sewing Machine Needle? [2022]

You have to change the needle frequently if you’re associated with sewing. It seems a daunting task to carry out for everyone. You have to be experienced enough to accomplish it in less time and hassle. How to change sewing machine needle? The answer is very simple for you if you’re accustomed to performing it.

But if you’re new or still struggling to do so, you have to know the proven tactics. Whenever you are well-versed in changing your needle, you will find a faster and more productive sewing session.

When Should I Replace My Sewing Machine Needle?

Needle becomes dull and blunt after repeated use. It can’t perform smoothly whenever it gets stingless. Also, you won’t find the prospective output if the needle gets broken accidentally.  Hence, it’s crucial to replace it very often. Most importantly, you have to change the needle every two projects or 5-10 hours sewing.

When Should I Replace My Sewing Machine Needle?

But if you become unconscious about it, your needle will damage fabrics and cause the skipped stitches. Depending on your projects and sewing styles, you must change the needle. Your stitch quality will be improved whenever you will replace the needle.

How To Change Sewing Machine Needle?

You will get smooth and quality stitches with a sharp needle. But it’s not possible to manage the sharpness of a single needle for a long time. In this case, you have to replace the previous one with a fresh new one to have a proper operation. How to change sewing machine needle? You will find lots of instructions out there, but we’re going to present to you the most straightforward techniques.

How To Change Sewing Machine Needle?

Loosen The Needle Set Screw:

In order to change the older needle, you need to bring it out first. In this case, you must loosen the needle set screw with much awareness. If the needle somehow gets broken, it will cause your machine as well as fabrics. To have a precise accomplishment, you should hold the needle in the left hand. And to untie the screw, you can use the right hand.

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Remove The Needle By Pulling It Down:

Now it’s time to release the needle from the needle bar. You have to pull the needle down so that it doesn’t get stuck. It’s the most sensitive stage to perform. Hence, you must be minded about it.

Insert A New Needle

After removing the needle from the clamp, you have to insert a new needle that worth it for your projects. Depending on your fabrics, you need to choose a specific needle and push it on the needle bar. Don’t be hurry to do so; a simple mistake can lead to an extreme loss. Face the flat side of the needle towards the backside of the machine. As high as it will go, you should do the inserting operation with your left hand.

Re-Tighten The Screw

Whenever you’ve finished the previous steps to the latter, it’s time to re-tighten the screw. You must hold the needle with your right hand to have an exact placement. Never keep the needle too loose; it will hamper your regular sewing instincts. Also, leaving the needle over-tighten can suffer you to replace it again.

Rethread Your Needle

You’re almost done! The last step before diving into sewing is to rethread your needle. As per the requirement, you need to rethread your needle.  Whenever you perform it accurately, you will get the most professional result. If you own a sewing machine for quilting, never forget to manage the stronger thread to perform quilting with much precision.

People also ask

If you struggle in replacing your needle during the sewing period, you’ve to be alive in the appropriate methodology. So, you should try to acquire knowledge regarding it to perform it spontaneously. You can pay heed to this frequently asked question section to know more.

Can you put any needle in a sewing machine?

Almost all modern sewing machines are compatible with any needle. But you can use a needle considering your projects and sewing styles.

Are sewing machine needles color coded?

Yes, some needles come color-coded. The upper color code represents the needle’s size, whereas the lower code represents the needle’s type.

How long does a sewing machine needle last?

The lifetime of a needle relies on the usage and the preference of the user. A needle can last up to one month, but it’s replaced every 5-10 hours of sewing.

How often should you change your sewing machine needle?

In general, you should change your sewing machine needle every 5-10 hours sewing. You should abstain from performing more than two projects with a single needle.


It’s mandatory to change the needle whenever it gets broken or blunt.  By replacing the needle, you will find a smooth and quality stitch all along. You have to be well-versed in executing the overall procedure accurately. How to change sewing machine needle?  You’ve got the most reasonable answer by this time from here.

If you abide by the mentioned tactics, you will find a comfortable and risk-free needle changing advantage. But if you make a mess by following the steps, it will be tedious to make a spontaneous combination between your machine and needle.

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