Brother SE625 VS SE400 | A Comparative Study

Brother se625 and se400 machines are good and useful for better sewing services. Both of these are part of Brother’s home and small business range of labeling printers. So, here we give a detailed study of Brother se625 vs se400.

We will today discuss the basic comparison and the differences between these two sewing machines, so hang with us.


The core difference between Brother Se625 and se400

The Brother SE625 offers professional-looking labeling results quickly and easily on a variety of media. It has a large graphical display screen, Clearly showing text and settings. It has a 300 x 300 dpi resolution and can print up to 57mm wide. And is capable of printing onto a variety of media including cloths, ribbons, paper tapes, and continuous-length labels. The SE625 is capable of print speeds reaching up to 50mm/sec. It has 28 built-in frames and more than 600 symbols.

On the other hand, the SE400 is a slightly less advanced model. It prints in a 300×300 dpi resolution and can handle up to 50mm wide prints. However, the SE400 does not print onto continuous-length labels. Only onto the tape of specific sizes making it a less versatile choice than the SE625. The SE400 also has 15 built-in frames and 450 symbols and a print speed of up to 20mm/sec. Making this a slower model than the SE625.

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Brother SE625 VS SE400 with Table

Overall, the Brother SE625 is the better choice of these two models. It provides more print formats and faster printing speeds, as well as allows for printing onto continuous-length media. Therefore, it is the more suitable model for more professional labeling results.

Brother SE625SE400
Combination sewing and embroidery? yesCombination sewing and embroidery? It's also yes
It has a USB stick compatibility so you won’t need a USB cable for a Computer connectionYou can wind the bobbin with one press of a button.
The Machine is NoisyThe machine isn’t noisy
It’s not expected easy to adjust the needle position than SE400It’s easy to adjust the needle position.
It prints in a 300x300 dpi resolution and can handle up to 50mm wide printsIt prints in a 300x300 dpi resolution and can handle up to 50mm wide prints


How do these machines perform?

Brother se625 vs se400 can be the sewing machine in a workplace that gives every type of sewing solution. The Brother SE625 has more features than SE400.

The SE625 also has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, an extra-large sewing area and an extra-wide table, an automatic thread cutter, a detachable wide table, and a backlit LCD touchscreen display. There are 250 built-in stitches, 13 one-step buttonholes, and 60 built-in designs, including 10 fonts and 10 frames.

The SE625 has a layer of adjustable feet, including two feet for sewing cuffs and sleeves, a blind hem foot, and an overcasting foot, as well as a zipper foot, a quilting bar, two needles, and two bobbins. It is also Bluetooth enabled and can be used with Brother’s online portal, allowing access to more than 5,000 designs.

The Brother SE400 lacks some of the features of the SE625, making it the better choice for smaller settings. It has a maximum sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute, an LCD touchscreen display, and a maximum sewing area of 4”x4”.

There are 70 built-in stitches, 6 one-step buttonholes, and 35 built-in designs, as well as 11 fonts. The SE400 also comes with a layer of adjustable feet, as well as needles and bobbins, a quilting bar, and a zipper foot. However, it is not Bluetooth enabled and does not have access to online resources.

Overall, the Brother SE625 is better suited for larger settings and more demanding projects, while the Brother SE400 is the best choice for smaller settings with fewer requirements.


Difference between brother se625 and se400 with examples

The main difference between the Brother SE625 and SE400 is that the SE625 is an advanced sewing machine with additional features such as automatic thread trimming, bright LED lighting, and printing capabilities. Besides, The SE400 is also a good sewing machine but it lacks features such as an automatic thread trimmer, LED lighting, and printing. Additionally, the SE625 has a much larger selection of built-in stitches, fonts, and designs.

Difference Between Brother SE625 and SE400
Difference Between Brother SE625 and SE400

The SE625 is an all-in-one sewing and embroidery machine, while the SE400 is a primarily computerized sewing machine with basic embroidery capabilities.

Besides, SE625 has many more built-in embroidery designs and design editing capabilities compared to the SE400.

The SE625 also has a larger embroidery area (5 x 7 inches) than the SE400 (4 x 4 inches). It also comes with built-in tutorials, a separate flower shape button, and a larger project memory than the SE400. Along with the extra features, the SE625 is typically sold at a higher price than the SE400.


Is the brother SE400 good for quilting?

Yes, the Brother SE400 is a great option for quilting. It has an oversized sewing table that can accommodate larger quilting projects and is equipped with 67 stitches, allowing plenty of variety and creativity. The M is a great choice for both beginning and experienced quilters.

It has a wide range of stitches and an automatic needle threader, which makes it easy to set up for quilting projects. It also comes with a 7-point feed dog system, which helps promote consistent stitch formation when quilting.

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What does the Brother SE625 come with?

The Brother SE625 comes with an embroidery arm, an embroidery foot, an embroidery frame, a 4-inch-by-4-inch hoop, and an instruction manual. It also comes with a vast array of designs and fonts, built-in and ready to use.

In addition, the machine has an instructional DVD and a small range of accessories such as bobbins, needles, and scissors.


What is the difference between brother se625 and se400?

The Brother SE625 and SE400 differ mainly in sewing capability and embroidery options. Brother SE625 offers a larger embroidery area and a backlit LCD, as well as superior stitching speed and a wider range of stitch patterns than the SE400. SE625 also includes advanced embroidery features like auto thread cutting and needle-positioning, making it more suitable for complex, higher-quality designs.


Last Words

As we have discussed in detail about Brother se625 vs se400 here. Now you can understand the core differences between these sewing machines, if you need smart machines to help you in sewing then these are a good choice. After the whole discussion, you can choose any one of these easily and pick the right one.

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