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Though I have many years of sewing experience, it is still a pain to pick the right Sewing machine. If the confusion is between two top brands like Janome vs Brother Sewing Machine then taking the decision gets a lot harder.

So I can easily understand how confused you are right now.

But with my past experience, I have made a strategy to make the decision-making process easier.

Here on this page, I will share that strategy with you. If you follow my strategy, I hope you will be able to make the decision of Janome vs Brother at ease.

But before we move to the main guide let’s know about these manufacturers first.

Introduction: JANOME

Janome is a Japanese brand that provided many creative inventions along its journey.

In the past, long shuttle mechanisms were used for sewing machines. Instead of long shuttles, Janome invented the bobbin system versatile used these days. Janome in 1979 came up with “the MEMORY 7”. Which was the world’s first programmable computerized sewing machine. For buying, you may select the best Janome Sewing machine under $500.

Janome also manufactured “the Memory Craft 8000”. It was the first embroidery machine capable of professional quality embroidery for home sewing purposes. In 2003, Janome also offered “the Memory Craft 6500P”. It was the first quilting machine to feature a long-arm for home use.

Besides all of these inventions later they manufactured many sewing machines with modern technology. Which was very popular and cordially accepted among the sewing community.

Introduction: BROTHER

Brother is also a Japanese sewing machine manufacturing company. In 1908 they started their family business journey as sewing machine specialists.

Due to their proficiency, they were able to redesign sewing machine components. Their redesigned mechanism increased the output capability of sewing machines. Also, the cost was affordable.

They had started their mass manufacturing in 1932. Brother came up with their very first electronic sewing machine in 1976. If you don’t know about How to setup a brother Sewing Machine then, you have to read and try carefully.

These days Brother is popular for their different types of all-rounder machines. They are producing budget-friendly Sewing machines, Embroidery machines, and Quilting machines both for industrial and home sewing.

Strategy: Janome vs Brother

My strategy is very simple. Almost everyone uses this but unintentionally. This method will help you to decide which Janome vs Brother sewing machine or Janome vs Brother Embroidery machines to choose.

Janome VS Brother Sewing Machine

Not only these, I believe following this method you will be able to make any buying decision at ease.


  1. Buying Purpose: This is the very first and important step. Assume you are planning to get a sewing machine. Now you have to fix which kind of sewing you will perform with your machine. What kind of potentiality do you want from your machine.

Also, you have to decide whether you will use this for home or business, As a hobby or as a profession.

  1. Plan Your Budget: The next important step is planning your budget. You have to plan how much money you are willing to spend on your sewing machine.
  2. List Available Products: Now make a list of the available sewing machines of different brands. As we have already picked Janome and Brother sewing machines, it will be easier.  Note down the available sewing machines model from these manufacturers.
  3. List Products Features: Now check the specification of your enlisted sewing machines. Check what features they offer. Write down separately what you like about a machine, what you don’t like, its pros and cons, etc.

Furthermore, you can check and note user reviews of different machines on the internet.

  1. Cross Check Products Features: In this step, you will cross-check the features of these sewing machines matches your demand. Like if you need fast sewing you have to check which machine has fast stitching speed. If you want to do fancy sewing projects you will need a machine that has many stitch patterns. This is how you have to perform the cross-check.

This does not happen often but in case, if your enlisted sewing machine features lack the majority of your demand then you have to increase your budget. Then start again from the first step. If you are on a tight budget you can also check what other manufacturers offer.

  1. Confirm the Product: If you are in this step and understood these last steps I hope you can make the decision yourself without any hassle.

If a machine meets most of your demands in your budget, don’t overthink just go for it.

So that is my strategy which I follow whenever I have to make a buying decision. Many of my friends also benefited from this strategy.

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What is the difference between Janome vs Brother Sewing Machine?

Actually, differences vary depending on the model. Different sewing machines provide different features. Decidedly each manufacturer tries to give their best among the budget. But still, there is some difference in features which indicates the brand itself.

Facts Janome Brother
Size Mostly portable and small in size Mostly Bulky size
Stitch Quality Best Quality Average Quality
Sewing Speed Average Fast
Build quality Good Average
Durability Best Good
In-built features Less in-built features Many in-built features
Warranty 2 years 3 years
Budget Requirement High -Medium Medium-low

Besides that chart, you can find what is the difference between Janome and Brother easily over the internet.

But below I am about to share some important facts according to my past years’ experience and review of users around me.

Why choose Janome?

Besides its innovative features, Janome is popular for its build quality. Their machines are mostly metal-built and durable.

Janome also produces very high-quality and precise stitching. Their machines are compact in size and easy to carry.

Why Bother?

Brother is mostly popular for budget-friendly machines. There are many low-budget machines manufactured by Brother that are popular in the market.

Brother is also famous for the inbuilt features they offer. Their sewing machines come with tons of built-in features. Also, Brother provides fast sewing speed and many alternative stitch patterns. How to oil a brother sewing machine if it has some critical process so, you need to read about it.


Which one is perfect for you actually depends on your demand. You can follow my mentioned strategy to find a suitable sewing or embroidery machine for you. In my opinion:  If you are looking for a durable sewing machine with accurate stitching quality and you have an extra budget you can go with the Janome. I think that you have got details about Janome VS Brother Sewing Machine with their differences.

But if you are looking for a machine full of features and fast sewing speed and you have a slightly tight budget you can pick Brother.

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