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How To Oil A Brother Sewing Machine? Updated In 2023

Oiling a brother sewing machine is an essential maintenance practice that helps keep the machine running and working efficiently. Upon purchasing a brother sewing machine, one will always notice that they come with a user manual.

The manual has various descriptions and guidelines on the machine’s operation and maintenance. One of the maintenance practices includes the occasional oiling of the machine. But then, do you know how to oil a brother sewing machine?

How to Oil a Brother Sewing Machine?

Sewing machine oil is a special type of lubricant used in a sewing machine to help lubricate movable parts. Oiling these machines prevent wear and tear to increase the sewing machine for free motion quilting. A heavily utilized sewing machine needs to be oiled regularly. Do you still need to know how to oil a brother sewing machine?

How to Oil a Brother Sewing Machine?

With the various sewing machines in the market right now, different maintenance procedures vary with each model. It’s advisable to utilize the user guide when oiling a brother sewing machine to ensure you undertake the correct procedure. You will need a screwdriver, a lint brush; a user manual, sewing oil, and a pair of tweezers for this process. The following is the procedure for oiling a brother sewing machine.

Disconnect Your Machine from the Power Outlet

The first step is basically to disconnect your sewing machine from the socket. You do not want to work with direct current from the socket. Electrical-based accidents tend to be fatal; therefore, personal protection should always come first.

Grab the Manual

Your next step would be to grab your Brother sewing machine manual. The manual is important as it will act as useful reference material when carrying out this process. It will also help you understand the brother sewing machine’s components before jumping in and ripping off the parts apart. You can always reference an online guide if you cannot access one whenever you are carrying out this process.

Loosening the Screws

Thirdly, you need to loosen the screws; a screwdriver is the best fit for this job. However, you would want to use an appropriate screwdriver that has the right dimensions and can easily rotate the screws. This prevents slipping and hitting other parts of the machine. After lifting off the plate, carefully take out the faceplate covering the interior bobbin case.

Cleaning The Interior With A Lint Brush

Next, use the little lint brush that comes with the machine to wipe off the small pieces of thread. Also, wipe the fuzzy lint that accumulates under the plate. You can otherwise purchase a Lint brush from the manufacturers. Brushing inside the machine ensures the proper functioning of the movable parts before the oil is applied.

For the case of stuck-up threads and chunks of lint, a pair of tweezers serves as the best option. They remove them without damaging the fragile parts. Using compressed air to clean the brother sewing machine is not recommended, contrary to what many people think. This is because compressed air can blow the pieces of threads and chunks of lint into the machine. This will rather cause more damage than good to your machine. Compressed air might look like the best option, but it’s precarious.


The next step is putting a few drops of oil into the motion mechanism that is below the needle. Also, a few oil drops should be added to the shuttle race, the gear below the bobbin case. The needle passing the bobbin case’s motion mechanism will move smoothly and efficiently after doing it without friction and noise.

Likewise, unscrew the side coverers protecting the thread guides and observe their motion to determine if they need oiling. Add two to three drops of oil to these movable parts while maintaining less spillage. However, you should always refer to your manual to refer to oil application areas before you damage your machine.

Reassemble the Machine

After completing the oiling, connect the machine to a power source and run it at its maximum and minimum speed. However, you should do this in the absence of the thread. Running the machine ensures that the movable parts spill out excess oil, which is wiped off. Wiping off the drips of oil is part of the cleaning practice that ensures better functioning of these machines. Lastly, you can reassemble the parts by threading the machine first and screwing back the covers and the needle plate.

How to Clean a Brother Sewing Machine?

Cleaning your sewing machine often is the best way to maintain it working effectively. Experts recommend a cleanup session after every 15 hours of use. However, if you use the machine to sew a lot of felt, set the cleanup exercise every 10 hours. A proper service and cleanup exercise makes a sewing machine work effectively throughout. Have a look at the steps of cleaning a Brother sewing machine.

How to Clean a Brother Sewing Machine

Step One: Follow the User Manual

Various sewing machine manufacturers make different machine models. So, your user manual will be a reference point on how to clean your model. If you don’t have it, get it online on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturers upload everything about the models they make on their websites including a cleaning manual. In case you still can’t access the cleaning manually, contact the manufacturer directly for the serial number and model. They will email the instruction manual meant for that machine.

Step Two: Gathering the Cleanup Exercise Necessities

The primary tool used in this cleanup exercise is the lint brush. Most sewing machines come with them; however, if you don’t have one, get one from a nearby fabric store. You can as well use your makeup brush if you can’t afford a lint brush.

Camel hair artist brush also does an excellent job. However, ensure you get a quality option of all. Pipe cleaners and disposable mascara brushes are best when cleaning crevices.

Besides this, ensure you have new needles since you have to replace them after a cleanup exercise. Get the small-scale vacuum attachments to remove lint that hides in hard-to-reach spots. Moreover, you can consider canned air to get rid of lint. As you blow through the hideout, do it caution.

Step Three: Getting the Lint Out

This stage entails the real cleanup exercise. First, disassemble the machine carefully so that you don’t set off sparks. Discard the needs and ensure you note the flat side direction of the needle. Following the user manual, discard the bobbin, bobbin case, presser foot, and needle plate.

Use the lint brush or vacuum to get rid of all gunk and lint from these components. If you use canned air in this exercise, ensure you stay extra careful.

Brushing should start at the feed dogs, then blowing the lint and gunk under the feed dogs and race areas. Continue opening the side cover to brush off all forms of lint and gunk on the thread path. Clean the tension disks by blowing air through the thread paths.

Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior parts of the machine. Reassemble the components and try operating them to see whether every part is functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides fast information about sewing machines. Let’s look at a few FAQs about brother sewing machines.

Where do I Put Oil in My Brother’s Sewing Machine?

Oil is needed in all the movable parts of the brother sewing machine. Put two drops of oil in the shuttles race and the mechanism where the needle passes to the bobbin case. Strictly adhere to sewing machine oil to prevent unpleasant experiences.

How Often Should I Oil My Brother’s Sewing Machine?

It is recommended to oil your machine regularly. Oil should, however, be applied within 40 hours of sewing time and should not exceed 50 hours. Pushing your machine to extreme limits may result in some defects in carrying out its function. Heavy fabrics like denim also require regular oiling.

How Long do Brother Sewing Machines Last?

An average active brother sewing machine can last for about five years. However, proper care of this machine will guarantee minimal repairs throughout this period.

Final Thought

Have you understood how to oil a Brother sewing machine? A Brother sewing machine is among the top-notch machines preferred by many people due to their efficiency in sewing projects. Oiling these machines ensure that they run correctly for better performance and results. As mentioned earlier, you must always follow an expert manual to get information on how to care for these machines.

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