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6 Easy Steps On How To Thread A Singer Simple Sewing Machine

How to thread a singer simple sewing machine is important to know if you have one of these sewing machines or planning to buy one.

The Singer simple sewing machines are budget-friendly and value-for-money instruments for every home. After you got a Singer simple sewing machine, threading your sewing machine is the first task to start using.

So today we will talk about how to thread a Singer simple sewing machine. We will discuss the step-by-step process for how to thread a singer’s simple sewing machine 2263. This step-by-step guide will work for almost all of the Singer simple sewing machines available on market besides the singer simple 2263 model.

Before we start let’s have a quick overview so that you don’t miss any built-in features.

Singer simple sewing machine overview

As the name mentions simple, Singer simple sewing machines are on a budget, and easy to work with. This series machine is popular for easy workability, and maintenance among beginners and is also great for basic to mid-level home project purposes. The Singer simple sewing machine 2263 has 23 default stitching patterns and a built-in needle threading option.

How to thread a singer simple sewing machine

In the Singer simple 2263 sewing machine, there is an upper thread and a lower thread like every sewing machine, which is how a sewing machine works.

While threading a sewing machine you have to work on the lower thread first. For this, you have to find the bobbin first.

1.  Finding the Bobbin

To find the bobbin start with the given processes below:

  • First, move the removable storage box from the compartment
  • Pull the hinged door to find the bobbin compartment.
  • In the compartment, you will see a small piece of the hinged metal bobbin case, pull it out.
  • Now if you check, you will see the bobbin inside of the bobbin case.

As you have found the bobbin now let’s move to the next step.

Now you have to start with winding the bobbin.

2.  Winding the Bobbin

Before starting winding the bobbin an important reminder is that, don’t forget to get a singer class 15 transparent bobbin if you ever buy extra bobbins. That is compatible with the machine. Instruments compatibility is a big factor in avoiding unwanted damage and also needs to get better output.

As there are few spare bobbins provided so nothing much to worry about now but in the future, you will need extra bobbins for threads, and make sure you get these recommended bobbins.

Now to start winding the bobbin follow these steps below:

  • Find the spool cap from the storage compartment
  • On the machine top, there is a horizontal bar put the thread on it you want to use for your sewing project.
  • Now put the spool cap on the thread so it does not move.
  • If you check properly on the top of the machine you will see there is a diagram showing the threading path with a dotted line direction. Follow the dotted line direction. Hook the thread on every stop properly.
  • Notice carefully you will see a few tiny holes on the flat side of the bobbins, grab the thread tail and pass it through any of these holes from inside.
  • Hold the thread tail, while holding the thread tail put the bobbin on the bobbin pin (vertical metal bar on the top right side of the machine) and push the bobbin down. You will hear a snap sound if the bobbin was set properly.
  • Check for the hole used to pass the thread on the upside before pushing the bobbing
  • Now push the bobbin pin with gentle vertical force to toggle the bobbin pin to your right.
  • If you have done these upper steps properly your machine is ready to start winding.
  • Hold the thread tail above firmly and push the pedal for a few seconds and stop. Cut the thread tail close to the bobbin to avoid a mess.
  • Now push the pedal again and wind the bobbin until it pauses or stops while you think it will do for your project.
  • After you are done winding, toggle the bobbin bar to the left and pull off the wound bobbin.
  • Cut anywhere from the thread to separate the bobbin.

And now you have the perfectly wound bobbin.

3.  Working on Upper Thread

In this step, you have to work on the upper thread. To start working on the upper thread make sure these two things first:

  1. Keep the presser foot lever in the up position.
  2. On the top of the machine, there is a little silver hook known as a take-up lever. Keep the take-up lever in a position like it’s popping on top of the machine. To get the take-up lever in the position you can do it by turning the handwheel easily.

If these two checklists are marked we can start the main upper threading process.

Though there are numbers and diagrams on the machine for threading still we are breaking these points below shortly for better understanding.

  • On the first step, you will notice there is a little thread point on the top of the machine, from this point directs the thread tail to the back of a white piece right next to it.
  • On the second step, go down by the channel indicating number two.
  • On the third step, take a U-turn around stop three and pull the thread forwarding to the take-up lever.
  • On the fourth step, you will find an arrow at stop four indicating the direction of the thread. Follow the direction exactly as it’s shown. There are small hook-type things in front of the take-up lever, just make sure the thread catches into the hook properly.
  • In the last step, you will see there is a small horizontal metal bar above the needle, you have to insert the thread in there. Let me tell you a small trick to get this job done easily, hold the thread like you flossing and push it horizontally towards the bar so the thread will set behind the bar easily.

If you have done these steps correctly, Good Job.

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4.  Needle Threading

As we finished upper threading now we have to thread the needle. We have mentioned before that Singer’s simple sewing machine 2263 model has an automatic needle threader. It will help you to needle threading done with less hassle.

Let’s move forward to the task

  • Move the needle all the way up
  • Besides the needle, there is a silver hook, set the thread in the hook and holding the thread tail push down the threader.
  • Now you will see a tiny prong near the needle eye, slide thread on the prong, and release the threader.
  • After releasing the threader you will see a small loop in the needle eye, pull the thread tail.

So the needle threading process is over and also we are almost at the last stage of threading a simple singer sewing machine.

5.  Inserting the Wound Bobbin

Now we have to put back the wound bobbin inside the bobbin compartment.

To insert the wound bobbin follow the requirements given below

  • Take the bobbin case and hold it as the open side facing you and keep the little metal finger pointed up at noon.
  • Now grab the bobbin and keep the thread tail on the right side, imagine a shape like 9. Holding like that 9-shape put the bobbin in the case.
  • Find out the groove on the edge of the bobbin case and pull the thread tail into the open space of the groove and check if you can place the thread in the center properly.
  • While facing the open side of the bobbin case if you pull the thread and it spins clockwise, you have done it correctly.
  • Now hold the hinged latch of the bobbin case, keep the little metal finger at noon and push the bobbin case inside and make sure the metal finger is lining up.

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6.  Setting up the machine and finishing the thread

Follow the steps given below to thread your sewing machine and set it up for work.

  • Hold the upper thread with your left hand and turn the wheel towards you with your right hand just to make one cycle of the up-down of the needle.
  • Now if you pull the upper thread with your left hand you will find a little loop of bobbin thread just pulled by the upper thread.
  • Grab the bobbin thread loop and put it all the way and slide both thread tails under the sewing foot.
  • Now trim off the extra thread end. Close everything and put back the removable storage in its compartment.

And finally, we are done and now you know how to thread a Singer simple sewing machine.

If you are a beginner you may find these steps a little complex for the first time. But if you follow these steps patiently for the first time, and the second time you will be able to do this by yourself without any help. Good luck.

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