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How To Thread A Bobbin On A Brother Sewing Machine In 2023

10 Useful Tips on How to Thread a Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine from Experts.  So, we can tell that you already have a Brother sewing machine and you are trying to move forward with sewing. If you want to start sewing with your Brother sewing machine, you have to thread your sewing machine first.

And threading a bobbin is the very first step to complete the threading of your machine. To start threading a bobbin you should know how to set up a brother sewing machine. Because you will need your sewing machine ready to start these processes.

If you have already set up your Brother sewing machine then well done, just continue to our tips provided by experts.

So here you will learn how to thread a bobbin on a Brother sewing machine. And before starting the step-by-step guide of toreading a bobbin let’s go through some basic stuff that might be helpful for beginners.

What is the purpose of a bobbin and what is it?

A bobbin is a cylinder used to wound different types of objects like thread, yarn, wire, etc.

It has a variety of uses in mechanical, electrical, and non-electrical sectors. The machine can be found in cameras, sewing machines, as a reel of insulated wire, copper coil, etc. It serves different purposes depending on where it is used.

So, the purpose of a bobbin in a sewing machine is: It is used to wound thread for sewing. It is positioned in the lower part of a sewing machine and supplies thread under the needle to complete a stitch.

Types of bobbin Brother sewing machine supports

These days sewing machine manufacturers recommend different types of bobbins for different models of sewing machines, which is confusing. Especially when someone needs to buy some spare bobbin, often they face trouble finding the bobbin type, and also it gets hard to find at the local store.

But the fact we like and you will like too about Brother sewing machines is that –

All of the Brother Home Sewing Embroidery machines support SA156-type bobbins. SA156 type bobbin is also known as class 15 type bobbins.

So if you need to buy spare bobbins or if you already got some just make sure it is SA156 or class 15 type bobbins.

We have tested the class 15 type bobbin just works fine on different popular models of Brother sewing machines like Brother JX2517, Brother LS2125, and Brother LS14. So the class 15 type will work on the other Home Sewing Embroidery machines decidedly as it is recommended by the manufacturer.

Precautions Before You Start Threading or Winding a Bobbin

Hope that from above you already got some idea about bobbin and what it does. To work any machine properly, every part of the mechanism is important. Though the bobbin is a small part of a sewing machine it is very important.

Any small mistake can harm your favorite Brother sewing machine and also your workflow will be interrupted.

So here are some precautions before you start learning how to thread a bobbin on a brother sewing machine. And if these precautions are taken care of before starting that will save you from some unnecessary hassles in the future.

  • Use the manufacturer-recommended bobbin for smooth operation.
  • Metal bobbins can harm your sewing machine. Before using a metal bobbin makes sure your sewing machine supports metal bobbin.
  • Never use a bobbin that is not recommended for your sewing machine.
  • Before you get any spare bobbins make sure it is a genuine product by Brother or the manufacturer.

These are just some simple and basic precautions that will increase your productivity and save you from unwanted troubles.

Steps of How to Thread a Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine

Okay so now we can start learning the threading process of a bobbin on a Brother sewing machine. This step-by-step guide will help you to thread a Bobbin of any Brother sewing machine.

Steps of Thread a Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine
Steps of Thread a Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine

This guide will help you also if you are looking for: How to thread a bobbin on a brother sewing machine JX2517, how to thread a bobbin on a brother sewing machine LS-2125, and how to thread a bobbin on a brother sewing machine LS14.

So follow the steps given below to thread the bobbin of your Brother sewing machine.

  1. First of all, pick a bobbin that came with your Brother sewing machine accessory package.
  2. On the top right side, you will find a spool pin, pull it up.

Now put a reel of thread on the spool stand (pin).

  1. On the top left side, you will see a thread guide. Now holding the thread end gently put the thread into the trench of the thread guide across. Then put the thread across the pre-tension disk. Note that the thread will complete a spin around the pre-tension disk.
  2. If you notice carefully you will see a tiny hole on the side of the bobbin. Now pass the thread end from the inner side of the bobbin.
  3. On the very top right side of the machine there is a bobbin winder shaft; put the Bobbin on the shaft.

Then you have to turn the bobbin clockwise until the projection glides into the top of the bobbin notch. While doing these you have to hold the bobbin with your hand firmly. You will get here also the Best Sewing Machine for Cosplay 2021 details.

If you are here and completed the past steps mentioned above, relax. Hard steps are done.

We are almost at the finishing steps. So just before completing the few last steps please recheck the previous steps if done properly. Because it will be less hassle-free than starting over again in case.

  1. Press the main power button to start the machine
  2. Hold the thread end firmly by your hand and press the foot controller. After pressing the controller, the bobbin will start to wound the thread by spinning. Release the pressure from the foot controller after a few spins.
  3. Now trim the excess thread end from the bobbin side you held by hand.
  4. Press the foot controller again and let the bobbin wound. After some time you will see that the bobbin is spinning slowly and the bobbin seems almost full with thread.

Release pressure from the foot controller. Turn off the machine by switching the main power button.

  1. Slit the thread. Glide the bobbin winder tube to the right and remove the bobbin from the shaft.

And threading a bobbin of your Brother sewing machine is done successfully. Now thread a few more bobbins of different colors to practice. So the steps will be easy to memorize.

Some Basic Maintenance Tips from Experts in Advance

When you will be working on your sewing projects you might find that your sewing machine power outcome is getting lower day by day. These may hamper your productivity and problems can be time-consuming too.

To prevent these, regular maintenance of your sewing machine is very important. You should know different basic maintenance stuff like how to oil a brother sewing machine, how to clean different exposed parts of the machine etc.

Learning this basic maintenance will help you to get consistent outcomes from your sewing machine. Therefore, a consistent outcome is very important for you to maintain your workflow and productivity. Also, these are necessary to finish your projects on time.

So the summary is that always clean your sewing machine’s exposed part, remove dirt and excess fabrics, and oil well your sewing machine regularly.

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We hope that the steps are given above by experts for how to thread a bobbin you will find these easy. While looking at the steps if it feels hard for you, don’t worry it’s okay. Just start doing it when you are calm and pay attention to the steps.

Also, when you start don’t think about all the steps at once just focus on one by one step and get it done. And trust me this trick will work for you as for everyone.

So keep practicing.

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