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How To Setup A Brother Sewing Machine: Easy Guide 2023

If you have a Brother sewing machine, the next essential thing is to learn how to set it up a Brother sewing machine. Setting up your sewing machine is the way to start the journey of your creative sewing.

Making a sewing machine ready for work is easy but if you are doing this for the first time it might be a little tricky. But nothing to get upset about we all have gone through this.

To help you to get onto your sewing faster without wasting time and unnecessary trouble, here is a comprehensive and easy step-by-step guide for how to set up a Brother sewing machine.

Consider these before starting the Setup Process

As a soft reminder besides Brother, other sewing machine manufacturers also provide a printed instruction book or DVD with the sewing machine.

We all know about this stuff but the soft reminder is that we habitually throw out these DVDs or printed manuals after unpacking the machine.

Often these DVDs or manuals are lost or we forget where they are.

From now on, you must consider keeping these things safe or keeping them in a place so that you can find them whenever you need them.

Because of built-in features, every sewing machine model has something different from other models.

Though most of the basic operating process and mechanism is the same, you will also find there are many uncommon things.

Furthermore, while using your sewing machine you may be in confusion with basic troubleshooting specifically your sewing machine model.

Sometimes your expert friend or the internet can not be a help because it is hard to have sound knowledge for someone with every model of machine and neither everything is on the internet.

Arranging an appointment with sewing professionals will resolve your problem but it’s time-consuming. Also, you might not be interested in spending some bucks on basic troubleshooting.

And trust me you don’t want all these hassles. In that case, these DVDs and manuals can be a great help and time-saver for you.

Brother provides many basic and necessary accessories with sewing machines. Though you will find the name tag on these accessories the manual will also help you to identify these types of equipment and get a quick idea.

Also, before you start to learn how to set up a Brother sewing machine, check if the warranty card is okay. Also, check for no accessories missing according to the list provided with the sewing machine. Anyone search also about how to Oil a Brother Sewing Machine for knowing there is some gap.

Here are the reminders at a glance

  • Keep the instruction manual and DVDs in a handy and safe place, don’t throw these out.
  • Before you start setting up the machine take a look at these manuals. So you will get a clear tactic about your machine.
  • Inspect the warranty card and also keep that in a safe place because without it you won’t be able to claim the warranty from the seller.
  • Also, check all the accessories provided with the sewing machine as the seller mentioned or on the list.

All of these inspections are not compulsory but if you observe these it will decidedly ease you from the feeling of OMG! I don’t know what I am doing.

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How to Setup a Brother sewing machine

Accessories are important because you paid for them, just kidding. Accessories are important because they are necessary for controlling and maintenance of your sewing machine.

Setup a brother Sewing machine guide 2021
Setup a Brother Sewing machine guide 2021

So besides owning this equipment you should learn different basic maintenance like How to Change Sewing Machine Needle or adjust different parts for a smooth sewing operation.

Accessories provided with a machine vary from sewing machine package to package and depend on which one you buy.

But few types of equipment are necessary and provided with almost every sewing machine for different purposes and these are different types of sewing feet (presser feet), two or more bobbins, needles, oiling bottles, screwdriver, etc.

The most common presser feet are Zigzag presser feet, buttonhole feet, straight stitch presser feet, zipper feet, etc. You will need them at different times based on the sewing project you will be going for.

So, setting up your Brother sewing machine won’t be that hard if you follow the steps stated beneath for how to set up a Brother sewing machine-

  • First things first, so unbox your Brother sewing machine carefully.
  • Just check if all the accessories seem ok. You don’t have to panic about if it will work or not, you will discover it later. So now just heed according to the steps.
  • Now we have to supply power to the machine. Now attach the power cord to the machine and plug it into a power supply outline.
  • Set the Foot pedal in your comfortable position
  • On the top, you will see a small stand. It is the thread holder, pull it up and place the thread reel on top.
  • There will be some illustrations printed on the top of the sewing machine. Now as indicated in the illustrations on the top of the machine, wind the thread.
  • Now put the thread end into the bobbin hole and pull it and hold the thread end.
  • Put the bobbin into the bobbin holder and snap it to make it ready for winding.
  • Switch on the power button of the sewing machine and gently press on the foot pedal until the bobbin is loaded with thread.
  • After winding the bobbin, cut the thread and separate the bobbin from the bobbin holder and keep the needle position down.
  • Now to load the bobbin into the sewing machine first be sure to turn off the power switch. Now open the bobbin case and keep the thread end in an anticlockwise direction and put the bobbin in. Close the bobbin cover after the thread is attached correctly to the metal arm of the bobbin case.

So if you have followed these steps properly you have done the first part: lower threading of your Brother sewing machine.

Besides, Nelco is also a good sewing machine manufacturer so if you ever plan to buy a Nelco sewing machine or your friends have one and you want to test the machine, knowing How to Thread a Nelco Sewing Machine might be a good help for you.

Let’s move back to the setup process again

Now the second and last part is the upper threading of your sewing machine. So let’s continue to the next steps:

  • Check the main power switch is turned off and raise the presser foot lever.
  • Place the needle in the top position by turning the handwheel on your right.
  • Now pull up the spool pin and put the thread reel on it and keep the thread end towards you.
  • Holding the thread end, pass the thread to the thread guide groove and also follow the diagram guide numbers. The threaded end always should be towards you.
  • Make sure to pass the thread through the take-up lever from right to left and also feed the thread into the needle holder located on the top of the needle.
  • Now keep the presser foot in a lower position and thread the needle. Holding the thread, turn the handwheel towards you for once. The needle will go up and down for a single time.
  • Now pull the upper thread and you will see the lower thread is also coming out with it. Put both threads under the presser foot and cut the excess thread after a length of 5 to 8 cm.

And finally, if you have done this correctly your Brother sewing machine set. Now you can start your sewing projects.


Learning how to setup a Brother sewing machine is not hard but it might be a little complex for beginners. So it is advised that you remain focused while rehearsing this.

Also, for a consistent sewing outcome, it is very essential to maintain your sewing machine orderly. You should learn different basic maintenance skills like How to Oil a Brother Sewing Machine and other basic troubleshooting skills. So welcome to the sewing world.

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