How To Use An Embroidery Machine: 5 Important Facts You Should Know

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Sewing is fun. Embroidery is more fun if you know how to use an embroidery machine. Embroidery lets you get creative with sewing.

No matter if embroidery is your business or hobby. If you want to embroider, learning how to operate an embroidery machine is necessary.

These days doing embroidery is more effortless than in past days because machines perform many tasks automatically. These automatic features will get the job done quickly with less hassle. Although most of the task is automated, it is essential to know what is what and how to use an embroidery machine.

Although many manufacturers are providing different models of embroidery machines, the embroidery procedure is almost the same.

This step-by-step guide will be helpful if you want to learn how to use Brother Embroidery sewing machines or looking for a guide to how to use Brother Embroidery Machine SE625.

By following this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to use an embroidery machine of Brother and all other popular manufacturers like Singer, Janome, Juki, etc. Besides, we need to know how to set up a brother sewing machine with an easy process.

A comprehensive guide will be presented for how to use an embroidery machine for beginners on this page. But if you have previous knowledge of embroidery machines or if you are at the intermediate level, that is a plus point.

5 important facts on How to Use an Embroidery Machine

If you are new to sewing or embroidery machines, the process might be a little confusing for the first time. But if you follow the step-by-step guide attentively and after practicing the steps a few times, it will be easy.

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So let’s move to the steps.

Setup Embroidery Machine

Obviously, setting up the embroidery machine is the very first step. If you have set up your machine ready for work earlier, that’s good. If your embroidery machine is not set yet, don’t worry. Just start setting up your embroidery machine.

Unbox your embroidery machine. You will find some DVDs and instruction manuals included with the embroidery machine. If you check the instruction manual, you will see a very detailed explanation of how to set up your embroidery machine. Also, you will find various diagrams for easy understanding.

If you find trouble with the instruction manual, you can check the DVD. Also, you can ask your expert friend or get help from someone professional.

Requirements to Start Embroidery

While your embroidery machine is set, you are almost ready to start your embroidery. Some requirements need to be checked to start embroidery.

After you set up your machine, you should check if your embroidery machine is working. Now ensure the necessary supplies are ready. These are threads, fabric embroidery needles, stabilizer, bobbin, working embroidery machine, design patterns, and software.

Select the Proper Supplies

Decidedly the supplies and equipment play an essential role in embroidery quality. The selection of these materials is also vital for smooth embroidery operation. So from long years of sewing experience, some tips for you to save you from unnecessary hassle.

  • Thread: No need to explain, but we know the thread is important, right? Selecting the proper thread is important for quality embroidery. For embroidery, you will need two types of thread: bobbin thread and embroidery thread.

Embroidery threads are thinner and stronger than usual threads. Currently, the most used and popular embroidery threads are polyester and rayon. You can choose any embroidery threads you like. Just make sure to get embroidery threads.

  • Needle: There are many needles available designed explicitly for embroidery work. Needle sizes change depending on the weight of the textile. Shank and flat-sided needles are mostly used for different types of embroidery.

Winding the Bobbin

So the necessary supplies are already selected. Now comes the technical steps to start embroidery. Threading your bobbin is also a necessary step.

The process to thread the bobbin depends on the sewing machine model and the manufacturer. Although the threading process slightly varies from brand to brand, the basic procedure is almost the same.

Furthermore, to learn how to thread a bobbin, you can check the instruction manual or the DVDs provided with the machine. In the Instruction manual, you will find very detailed diagrams pointed with numbers. This will be very effective for learning and finding things faster.

If you face any trouble and confusion, don’t waste so much time trying to figure it out on your own. Ask your experienced friend or an expert.

Pick the Design and Embroider

To start this step, you have to load the textile or fabric you want to use into your embroidery machine first. Do not forget to use a stabilizer.

If you have already loaded your fabric, let’s move to the part of selecting the design. Though this step sounds very simple, it can be very confusing and can lead you to disappointment. Already confused? Don’t worry, let me explain and help you.

While selecting the embroidery design due to excitement, many beginners end up choosing a complex design. Though a complex design can seem very nice, it is not suitable for you if you have just started embroidery. This simple mistake often creates a negative impression on embroidery.

So the solution is always to pick a simple design for your embroidery practice. You can shift to the complex design as you get more comfortable and experienced with embroidery.

But to get creative and to make your embroidery more interesting, you can always try different color threads. Stop the machine and use two or more colored threads. This simple trick can make your simple design outstanding.

Finding the Embroidery Design

These days there are tons of built-in designs that come with embroidery machines. You can always start with the design you like. Also, you will easily find many designs available on the internet. You can import the design into the embroidery machine using the manufacturer-provided computer software.

But this is not the ideal formula for learning. I will suggest that beginners choose a design from the internet or around them and embroider it manually. If you follow this, you will become more proficient with the embroidery machine function and operation method. This will aid you in the future with fundamental troubleshooting with your embroidery machine.

So I think these guidelines will be helpful to pick the design to start embroidery.

Now switch on the machine and start embroidery to discover the embroidery world, good wishes for your embroidery journey.

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