Serger VS Overlock Who Is The Best In 2022?

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If you are wondering what is the difference between serger vs overlock machine you are on the right page. Not only the beginners often many expert sewers around different countries face this confusion too.

So, on this page, you will know in detail about serger vs overlock machine.

Serger vs Overlock

Here is the most compelling part: There is no variance between a serger and an overlock machine omitting their names. Yes, they do the same job. Now you may wonder why the name differences?

Well, the name Overlock machine or the Overlocker is popular around the world except for America. Americans are more familiar with the word serger.

But to avoid further confusion you should know that there is a difference between a regular sewing machine or a serger/overlock or a coverstitch machine.

So hope that no matter where you are from or which name is used in your country no longer will be an issue or confusion to you.

What is the use of a Serger or an Overlocker you should know?

A serger usually does the finishing work of your sewing project. An overlock machine sews the raw edge of textiles and produces high-quality professional seams.

While sewing the seams, the overlocker also cuts the excess fabrics.

How the Overlock Machine Works?

Usually, in an overlock machine, there can be two or more needles. This varies from overlocker to overlocker according to their capability and feature.

In short, the needle creates a loop through the fabric continuously and the looper shifts left to right and locks the loop. That’s how an overlocker works.

Serger vs Overlock Stitches

As you know already there is no such difference between serger and overlocker except the name. So, on this page sometimes a serger or sometimes an overlocker is mentioned, do not get confused.

When it comes to overlock stitches there is not a long list of stitches. But the available stitches will provide huge options for quality and creativity.

Different overlock stitches are used like rolled hemming, flat locking, etc. Besides these regular stitches, many decorative overlock stitches are also used.

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Types of Overlock Machines

Usually, overlock machines are categorized according to the number of threads used for the stitch. Also their size and price increase or decreases depending on their features and capability.

Currently available overlock machines types:

  • 1- thread: These Overlock machines are usually used to create butt-seaming.
  • 2-thread: For edging and sewing seams of raw fabrics, 2-thread overlock machines are used. Also, hemming and flat-lock can be done with this type of machine.
  • 3-thread: To achieve a quality finishing edge and also to sew knit and woven fabrics seams, a 3-thread overlocker is used. Also used for decorative stitches.
  • 4-thread: Mostly used for decorative overlock stitches.
  • 5-thread: These types of overlock machines are used in big textile production houses.
  • 6-thread: Also used for huge production houses.

Among these overlock machines 2, 3, and 4-threads overlock machines are mostly used. Depending on the overlocking quality and styles these overlockers are used.

Do You Need a Serger or Overlock Machine?

In the previous times, serger was used by only professionals for business purposes. Overlocker/serger was not very popular among the sewing community except for business. It was because of the cost, expanse and also for many other factors.

But now the time has changed for sure. Now the sewing community is much bigger than before and also increasing rapidly. Besides professionals, hobbyists are also serious about creative and quality sewing. Everyone can get here also Baby Lock VS Brother Sewing Machine is there any differences?

Furthermore, because of the growing demand manufacturers are also focusing on making machines that meet the criteria of the sewing community as much as possible. These previous issues of price, size, etc. are getting solved continuously.

Also, amateur sewers are more focused on achieving high-quality finishing. Sewing seams with an overlocker will decidedly boost the quality of your project.

Now you might be wondering that you won’t take sewing as a business. So you are unclear about whether you should get  a serger or not.

Let me be straightforward regarding this to you. No matter if you are a hobbyist or amateur, if you practice sewing even once a month you should get a Serger/ Overlock machine.

I can assure you that you will love the good finishing work of your sweet sewing projects.

Also, if you have no problem with the budget, get a Serger now you won’t regret it. Good Luck.

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