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A sewing machine is a wonderful tool for beginner sewers. It allows you to create quilts, apparel, and home decor projects with ease. However, finding a suitable sewing machine for beginners can be a challenge.

If you plan to start sewing as a beginner, Janome offers many excellent sewing machines for you. Janome manufactures sewing machines with outstanding features. Janome is a little pricey compared to other brands like Brother or Singer. But Janome’s build quality and convenient features are worth the price.

As a beginner, to start your sewing journey, 2 things are essential. The first one is a mindset to start sewing, and the second is getting a sewing machine. As you are here, of course, you already have the mindset to start sewing. If you want to buy in a cheap rate Janome Sewing Machine then you can watch the Best Janome Sewing Machine Under $500.

Now all you need is to get a sewing machine. This is a little tricky part.

There are varieties of Janome sewing machines manufactured for different purposes.

So it can be confusing for beginners to pick a suitable machine to start.

So on this page, our experts’ guide will help you to find the best Janome sewing machine for beginners.

Comparison Chart:

According to our experts’ testing and sewing experience, here is a hotlist for you. Take a look at the comparison chart to find the best deal for you.

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10 Best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners Reviews

Janome has a wide range of machines. They serve different purposes and also come in different sizes and specifications. It is not easy to find the best Janome sewing machine for beginners.

But no worries go through the experts’ suggestions given below. It will help you to make your decision at ease.

1. Janome 2212 | Best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners

Janome 2212 sewing machine is an impressive all-rounder deal for Beginners. In expert opinion, the Janome 2212 Sewing Machine is a solid entry-level machine that’s reliable and easy to use.

This machine is equipped with 6 built-in stitches that will allow you to get creative with various sewing patterns. A 4-step buttonhole will allow you to sew buttonholes at ease.

Furthermore, to finish your sewing in time this lightweight machine is capable of sewing at 860 stitches per minute. Definitely, this speed will help you to get more sewing time in a short time.

In the case of reliability, Janome is best decidedly. It is also metal-built, so there is no doubt about the reliability of Janome 2212.

Janome 2212 sewing machine is a perfect combo according to its price and features. Experts’ choice is Janome 2212. Besides, it is even recommended by the manufacturer “Janome” for beginners.


Janome 2212 Features

  • The maximum sewing speed of 860 stitches per minute to complete your sewing projects fast.
  • The 4 step buttonhole feature will allow you to sew buttonholes easily.
  • You can create unique projects with the 6 different stitch patterns.
  • For better visibility on the front panel screen is preprinted.
  • It features dialer controlling options for switching stitch patterns and width effortlessly.
  • The free arm will let you sew larger fabrics
  • Easy Controlling With the dialer
  • The sewing speed is fast
  • Portable and lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Needle threader is not included

2. Janome Purple Thunder Basic | Best Cheap Sewing Machine for Beginners

The Janome Purple Thunder is a basic, easy-to-use sewing machine that is perfect for beginners. It is a compact sewing machine that is portable and can be used at home or when traveling. It has a durable, lightweight body that is easy to carry around. Besides, it has a smooth, easy-to-use bobbin that makes threading a breeze.

It has a simple stitch selection dial that controls switching among different built-in stitches. It has a 13-stitch capacity that allows you to sew a variety of projects. Its built-in free arm makes it easy to sew sleeves, pant legs, and cuffs.

Moreover, this sewing machine has a small storage area on the side that makes it easy to store your accessories and small items. The Janome Purple Thunder Basic sewing machine is an excellent machine for a beginner & kids to learn sewing.


Janome Purple Thunder Basic Features

  • Easy to use, cheap Sewing Machine for Beginners & kids.
  • With a straight and zigzag total of 13 built-in stitches, you can try a wide range of designs.
  • It features 2 needle positions for versatile control.
  • You can also sew large fabric at ease with its free arm while reverse sewing is easy with a reverse sewing button.
  • The accessory storage will allow keeping extra bobbins handy
  • Top drop-in bobbin and printed diagrams will be super easy to set up the machine ready for work.
  • Easy Controlling With the dialer
  • The sewing speed is fast
  • Portable and lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Needle threader is not included

3. Janome 2206 Sewing Machine

The Janome 2206 Sewing Machine is a full-sized sewing machine that is easy to use. It will help you to create all kinds of projects. It comes with 6 built-in stitches, including basic and decorative stitches. It has a free arm that will make it easy for you to sew cuffs, sleeves, pant legs, and children’s clothing.

Furthermore, it also has a front-loading bobbin. It has a 4-step buttonhole that will make it easy for you to make buttonholes. This machine also can sew at great speed up to 860 stitches per minute. It is an easy-to-use machine with a lot of features that you will find useful, such as the built-in thread cutter.

Moreover, this machine is ideal for basic sewing tasks, such as mending and simple alterations. It is also a great machine for those who sew regularly. This machine will help you to make beautiful sewing projects.


Janome 2206 Features:

  • You can complete your sewing faster with a sewing speed of up to 860 spm.
  • With the front-loading bobbin, you can change and set the bobbin more easily.
  • It features a built-in thread cutter so you can cut extra threads easily without getting messy.
  • To sew buttonholes at ease, it has a 4-step buttonhole sewing system.
  • Drop feed and free arm will keep you comfortable sewing large fabrics
  • Fast sewing speed.
  • Built-in thread cutter.
  • Quiet and smooth sewing.
  • Sturdy and well built.
  • No custom stitch length (presets only)

4. Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing Machine (Lightweight)

Another excellent lightweight machine offered by Janome Sewing Machine CO. LTD. is the Janome Jem Gold 660 sewing machine. This machine can also be a great choice if you are a beginner. You can shift from one stitch pattern to another pattern just by using the dial control easily. To sew collars, cuffs, and larger fabric, a free arm is featured in this machine.

Including Utility and 2 stretch stitches, it offers a total of 8 types of built-in stitches, which is enough for beginners to explore different sewing patterns. Also, a 4-step buttonhole sewing system is built-in so you can sew buttonholes easily and fast.

The built-in automatic needle threader is another outstanding feature to thread the needle effortlessly. This feature will save you the hassle of threading the needle and gives you relief from unnecessary eye pain. Even experts’ are huge fans of this automatic needle threading feature. Janome Jem Gold 660 is a compact and lightweight machine so you can carry it to your sewing classes easily.


Janome Jem Gold 660 Features

  • You can get familiar with 8 varieties of stitch patterns and easily sew buttonholes with a 4-step buttonhole.
  • To thread the needle fast and get rid of unwanted eye strain, an automatic needle threader will be a great help.
  • This machine is a 3/4 sized sewing machine so it will fit in a small place. Its compact size and weight will be less trouble while carrying.
  • With an easy dialer control, you can select your desired stitch pattern with almost no effort.
  • The free arm allows you to sew collars, cuffs, large fabric and handle big sewing projects easily.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • Quilting can be done.
  • Light Bulb position is not practical

5. Janome MOD-15 Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine

The Janome MOD-15 Sewing Machine is another easy-to-use beginner-friendly sewing machine. This machine is full of features and also great for beginners to advance level sewing. It features 15 built-in stitches so you can easily go wild and super creative with your sewing projects. With these varieties of stitch patterns, you will be able to plot your design from imagination to real life.

A four-step buttonhole is available to sew buttonholes at ease. With the automatic thread tension, you can thread your needle easily while the stitch quality will be excellent without any interruption. In this machine, the top drop-in bobbin is also included. Which is a modern bobbin technology also easy to use and takes less effort to set up.

Besides, you will get better stitch results with the 5 different types of feed provided with the machine. With the Janome MOD-15, you can control the stitch length and width as desired for your project. It has tons of other advanced features like a free arm, 4 presser feet, Drop feed, etc.


Janome MOD-15 Sewing Machine Features

  • The automatic thread tension system will provide good quality stitches consistently for your projects.
  • You can try varieties of creative sewing projects with 19 built-in stitch patterns.
  • The top drop-in bobbin will save you time setting up the bobbin. Also, it will give you a smooth sewing experience.
  • A system of 5-piece feed dog and 4-presser feet will ensure the better stitch quality
  • Stich length and width can be easily set as you want for your sewing projects.
  • This is a metal build machine so no worries about the build quality.
  • Wide range of stitch patterns.
  • Automatic thread tension.
  • Top loading bobbin.
  • Variable stitch length and width.
  • Light quality is so-so.

6. Janome MOD-19 Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine

If you have a slightly higher budget, the Janome MOD-19 Sewing Machine can be a good option for you. It is also a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use sewing machine. It has some extra features, including all the features of the Janome MOD-15.

It has 19 built-in stitches to maximize your creativity on your sewing projects. You can give life your imagination to real projects with these varieties of stitch patterns.

Besides, 1 four-step buttonhole is featured to sew buttonholes at ease. Using the built-in automatic needle threader, you can thread your needle smoothly while keeping the eye strain away. You will get better stitch results with the 5 different types of feed provided.

Like Janome MOD-15, the top drop-in bobbin is also included in Janome MOD-19. So you can set up a bobbin in less time. Also in the Janome MOD-19, the stitch length and width can be adjusted for better results. Free arm, 4 presser feet, Drop feed, etc also offered in this machine.


Janome MOD-19 Features

  • You can thread the needle faster and farewell to eyestrain using the automatic needle threader.
  • You can try varieties of creative sewing projects with 19 built-in stitch patterns.
  • The top drop-in bobbin will save you time while setting up the bobbin. Also, it will give you a smooth sewing experience.
  • A system of 5-piece feed dog and 4-presser feet will ensure the better stitch quality
  • Stitch length and width can be easily set as you want for your sewing projects.
  • This is a metal build machine so no worries about the build quality.
  • Wide range of stitch patterns.
  • Built-in needle threader.
  • Top loading bobbin.
  • Variable stitch length and width.
  • Light quality is so so.

7. Janome Sewist 709 Sewing Machine

For beginners, the Janome Sewist 709 Sewing Machine is an excellent option. It is a great electric-powered mechanical sewing machine. It offers a good sewing speed of 820 stitches per minute to sew faster. The top-loading bobbin will save your time and effort for setting up.

Furthermore, the Janome Sewist 709 Sewing Machine offers a full rotary hook bobbin for a quiet and jam-free sewing experience. Including straight and zigzag, a total of 9 built-in stitches are available so you can explore & create your own sewing style. With its foot pressure control dial, you can easily set the required pressure to increase or decrease the sewing speed.

Moreover, you can lift the presser foot higher so you can sew thick fabrics without any trouble. This machine also has drop feed and free arm so you can sew cuffs, collars easily. The one-hand needle feature is a fast way to thread the needle and you will love it. It also has a storage compartment so you can keep your tools handy and organized.


Janome Sewist 709 Features

  • Maximum fast sewing of 820 stitches per minute will save a good amount of your time diary.
  • Top loading bobbin for fast bobbin set up and full Rotary Hook Bobbin feature will allow jam-free smooth sewing experience.
  • To sew buttonhole at ease 1 buttonhole is provided. Also, it comes with 9 built-in stitches.
  • You can easily increase or decrease the foot pressure with the adjustment dial.
  • The storage tray can be removed easily while you need free arm sewing.
  • The spool pin can be removed.
  • Quiet and smooth sewing.
  • Removable storage compartment.
  • Light brightness is low.

8. Janome JW8100 Computerized Sewing Machine

This Janome JW8100 is a computerized sewing machine that comes with many convenient features. If you are a beginner but have some serious planning about sewing, this machine can be a perfect fit. It will cost less time for you to set the machine ready to work with the Top Drop-In Bobbin system.

Janome JW8100 Computerized Sewing Machine

It comes with a huge variety of 100 built-in stitches that will boost your creativity decidedly. You will be able to sew buttonholes in different styles easily with the 7 auto buttonhole system. Also, the 7-piece feed dog will ensure to get better stitch quality consistently. The Free feature arm feature is helpful while sewing cuffs, collars, etc.

Moreover, this machine has a memorized needle position feature to stop the needle on up/down position every time as you need. It has a built-in needle threader too, so no pain for you to thread the needle. Thread tension can be adjusted easily for a smooth sewing experience.


Janome JW8100 Features

  • You will get to choose from 100 built-in stitches as you want for your project.
  • Needle threading will not be a problem as it has a built-in needle threader.
  • The needle will stop in the correct up/down position every time with the memorized needle opposition feature.
  • You will have a great working experience with many advanced controlling options like a slider for speed control, stitch locking option, reverse lever, etc.
  • It has a thread tension adjuster that will ensure smooth stitching performance.
  • Comes with an extra-wide extension table that is really necessary for sewing and handling larger fabrics.
  • Wide range of built-in stitches.
  • Many advanced controlling options.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Provided dust cover is not useful.

9. Janome Sewist 725s Sewing Machine

The Janome Sewist 725s comes with many outstanding features. It has a maximum sewing speed of 820 stitches per minute will let you finish your sewing works faster. 23 built-in stitches will be enough for you to try creative projects easily. Also, you can easily adjust the foot pressure with the dialer.

Janome Sewist 725s Sewing Machine

Furthermore, the automatic declutch bobbin winder feature will stop the needle from moving while winding the bobbin. You can sew thick fabric easily by using the extra high foot lift. This machine has a variety of dial control options so you can achieve better control while sewing.

Besides, it has a built-in carry handle, which is effective for carrying this machine from one place to another. Like other convenient features, this machine comes with a built-in threader that will keep you safe from eye strain. The drop feed will prove you better stitch quality. Also, the bright LED light will help you focus more on details.


Janome Sewist 725s Features

  • It has 23 built-in stitches including a One-step buttonhole so you can complete various sewing projects.
  • This machine can sew at a maximum of 820 spm, and it will allow you to complete your projects in time.
  • You can increase or decrease foot pressure using the dialer.
  • A built-in needle threader will save your time and also keep you away from eye pain.
  • It will provide up to 4mm stitch length and 5mm stitch width, including the high foot lift, to easily sew thick fabrics.
  • Including Blind Hem Foot, Zigzag Foot, Zipper Foot, Overlock Foot, other regular accessories come with the machine.
  • Versatile control for sewing precision.
  • Many accessories are included in the package.
  • Good for basic to advanced sewing.
  • No LCD Display.

10. Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

It is a fantastic, modern, and full-featured Computerized Sewing Machine. This machine is capable of sewing from basic to advanced level projects and is suitable for a newbie to pro-level sewists. Though the Janome 3160QDC will require some learning curve for beginners, it is worth learning.

Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

It comes with 60 built-in stitches, which will meet all the criteria to create unique sewing projects. You can sew buttonholes at ease with the six built-In buttonholes feature. The automatic needle threader also comes with this machine to save your time and comfort your eye. This machine has a neat and effective control panel which will give you a better sewing experience decidedly.

Besides, you can cut threads with a simple touch of a button with almost no effort. This will save the unwanted mess and time too. This machine has versatile built-in control options. It also comes with many accessories so you don’t have to spend extra or no need to look in the local market.


Janome 3160QDC Features

  • You will get to pick any stitches from a wide option of 60 built-in stitches. Nothing can hold you from creating unique projects using these stitches.
  • Top loading bobbin will ensure the sewing smoothness by reducing thread jam.
  • Including the thread cutter, reverse stitch button, lock stitch button also many other features are available.
  • Without using foot control, you can simply start the machine with the start on/off button
  • There will be no need to spend any extra bucks on accessories because it comes with many necessary accessories.
  • Suitable for all types of sewing.
  • Solid and powerful machine.
  • Provides Quality stitch.
  • Versatile control.
  • Light quality is so-so.

What to Consider When Buying Sewing Machines for Beginners?

Buying your first sewing machine is definitely confusing and tricky indeed. Also, there are many factors to consider while buying a sewing machine. These factors vary depending on while you will buy the machine for home usage or industrial usage. Meanwhile, these factors also vary depending on the user persona, such as beginner, intermediate, professional, etc.

Here we have explained the factors you should consider while buying your first sewing machine if you are a beginner. So this guide will work for buying any brand’s sewing machine besides Janome.

Now, you can take a decision Janome VS Brother Sewing Machine -Which One to Choose?

1. Budget

This is the very first and important step for beginners. First get quick ideas of how much a regular sewing machine costs. It will definitely help you with the next steps ahead. As you have already got some ideas about the price of different machines now you can fix your budget easily.

To fix your budget, just take note of how much you are willing to spend on a new sewing machine. There are tons of options according to your budget. If you just want to explore the sewing world on a low budget you can check the Janome Purple Thunder Basic. Also, if you are okay with a high budget, there is nothing wrong with picking Janome 3160QDC. So it varies on how much you can afford and are willing to spend.

2. Basic features and Size

For beginners, it is normal not to be familiar with different advance and complex features. Neither you will need advanced features to start sewing. So just find the machine which offers a good combo of basic features. You can check the number of built-in stitches, free arm, storage, etc.

Moreover, don’t forget to check the machine size. If you want to easily carry your machine to the sewing class, a portable and lightweight machine is vital. Also, if you have a small room space, portable and compact machines would be best.

3. Warranty

Check the product warranty carefully. Just don’t check the number of how many years’ warranties are provided, also check for what is covered under the warranty.

Experts’ suggestion is to read the warranty policy carefully to avoid misunderstanding with the seller. Because the warranty often varies on usage and from where/whom you have purchased.

According to experts, these 3 factors are suitable for beginners to buy their first Janome sewing machine. And we have already selected these sewing machines above including these and many other factors.


Janome is well known for its fantastic high-quality sewing machines. Also, Janome sewing machines are popular in the sewists’ community for their user-friendly features. So according to your budget, no matter if it’s high or low, Janome can be a good deal without any doubt if you are planning to get one.

Hence, to help you find your first machine we have already selected the top 10 best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners above, from a long list. All of the machines are suitable for beginners also they are good around their price segment in experts’ opinion. So go for the deal that meets your budget and criteria.

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